Attention! We help companies assimilate blockchain technology and create highly scalable mind-blowing decentralized applications. The new age of technological innovation is coming. Prepare to join the collective. Resistance is futile.
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    and democratized through artificial intelligence
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    Mine PE and setup your community and infrastructure node
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    stronger security, ensuring safer participation, through new innovations.

Who we


Our goal is to onboard community nodes, train them on how to use the platform and help them excel through (M)PACT a revolutionary decentralized, democratic, fast, secure and super efficient consensus model.

We are a group of like-minded, talented blockchain enthusiasts that are representing Asia.

Amongst being one of the founding members of the OPES platform, we also have over 10 years of combined server and cloud technology experience, along with building and scaling apps serving millions of users.

We strive to bring world-class technical expertise and contribute to the geographic distribution of the OPES global ecosystem by hosting a state of the art infrastructure node.

We believe OPES represents a revolutionary decentralized, democratic, fast, secure and super efficient consensus model. it is our goal to onboard as many Community Nodes as possible, and help them implement the best business strategies that will allow them to mine the PE currency in the most efficient way possible.



We are passionate about technology, and nothing excites us more than bringing amazing product ideas to life! We believe that the OPESchain allows us to turn every good idea into an incredible product, which was not possible before the advent of decentralization. Regardless of the complexity, design or engineering, we will make it happen.


Consists of
  • Blockchain programmers
  • Web application architects
  • Mobile app developers
  • Designers
  • User interface developers
  • Project managers


  • E-commerce sites
  • Real estate sites
  • Fitness portals
  • Mobile applications
  • Social Networks
  • E learning


  • Evolve
  • Secure
  • Adapt
  • Speed up
  • Decentralize
  • Tokenize


  • 350 projects done
  • 40,000 man-hours logged
  • Part of the OPES core team
  • 100s of satisfied customers
  • Exceptional infrastructure
  • Nominated for delegate



Opes Tech closely works with its partners to provide an end to end solution to all businesses that are interested in joining as a community node. These strategic partnerships allow us to ensure that we cater to a wide variety of business domains.

Opes News

Telling clear, concise and compelling stories about the Opes Blockchain.

Opes pacific

Leading development and infrastructure community node covering the pacific region.

Opes one

Amongst the founding members of OPES community. Opes One helps large co-operations onboard the Opes platform.



Opes tech is committed to serving the community by ensuring that we make a positive contribution to the network through our skill set and the PE we can earn

  • We will donate 10% of our revenue annually in the form of PE to the Digital Asset Engine.

  • Continual Contribution to the core technology. update our team is working around-the-clock to ensure that the community gets the latest and the best.

  • Helping on board new community nodes. Working with organizations that share our passion for creating equality in the world. use this
Please support us by scanning the QR code via your OPES App


If you are someone who wants to setup a community and/or an infrastructure node, are interested in mining PE. Please do not hesitate to contact us by using the form below.